The SEMA Showcase

November 7th, 2022 by Nathan Hobbs

The 2022 SEMA Show runs from November 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center this fall. More than 30 industry-related companies are spotlighting products and services constructed to facilitate business growth.

Car Enthusiasm

By Avery Dennison— Booth #52119

A love of cars can border on obsession and this year at SEMA booth #52119, Avery Dennison celebrates this passion with a showcase of its full breadth of films and solutions, such as automotive window films, wrapping films and paint protection films. Its product line-up will be available and on display. A team of Avery Dennison experts will be on hand to answer questions and help determine the best products and installation techniques for your auto restyling business.

Connecting with Core

By Eastman—Booth #52051

Eastman Performance Films is excited to reconnect with industry friends, installers and dealers in Las Vegas. In November, the company will showcase its SunTek Evolve and its Core Cutting Software. Evolve is SunTek’s next evolution in IR-blocking tint. Featuring advanced heat-blocking performance, Evolve is one of the first products in the SunTek portfolio to feature its reformulated SR coating. The result is improved scratch-resistance and increased glide for easier handling. This film also has the advantage of enhanced heat-shrinking performance for quicker, better installations.

The company’s Core Cutting Software offers a comprehensive library of thousands of professionally-designed tint and PPF patterns—with 90% rated at four to five stars by users. Powerful, easy-to-use pattern customization features, including Plus One-Click Badge and Sensor Removal, can help save users time and boost productivity.

Plentiful Protection

By Madico—Booth #50083

Madico’s ClearPlex Nano-Ceramic windshield protection film is now available in a high heat-rejecting version which combines the glass-protecting qualities of ClearPlex with nano ceramic technology to bring you a two-in-one product that not only helps prevent costly ADAS-equipped windshield replacement, but helps keep drivers cooler. Specifically engineered for windshield applications, ClearPlex and ClearPlex Nano-Ceramic are manufactured in the USA and distributed globally.

Protection—to the Max

By Maxpro Window Films—Booth #52207

“Maxpro is excited to exhibit at SEMA this year, showcasing our Max Armor automotive paint protection film. Max Armor shields your vehicle for years of long-lasting investment protection and includes our industry-leading 10-year limited warranty,” says Elizabeth Dillon, executive vice president of sales and marketing “We encourage SEMA participants to stop by our booth as we demonstrate how Maxpro Max Armor paint protection film is unrivaled for longevity, durability and toughness.”

Printing Prowess

By Mutoh America Inc. —Booth #50091

Mutoh brings excitement to SEMA this year with multiple demos each day. Companies Wrapsesh and Surf City will showcase their wrap skills using a custom car wrap created by Glarb Designs and printed on an XpertJet 1641SR Pro. This printer delivers optimal print quality and outstanding speeds at an affordable price. The company aims to expand users’ sales and profits with wide format eco solvent printers and cutters. Create exterior signage, customized vehicle wraps, window decals, wall wraps and more.

Quality Control

By Johnson Window Films—Booth #50051

Johnson Window Films will provide an inside look at how its film is manufactured and made. Stop by its booth to see a small sampling of the quality checks they put their film through every day and how they lead to premium quality products. Every batch of its window films and paint protection products go through quality checks across three departments.

STEK Marks Product Expansion

By STEK—Booth #52193

STEK is expanding its lineup of Nex window films, which incorporate graphene. The graphene nanoparticles infused in the film boost the film’s heat dissipation and drastically slows the inside of the car from heating up, per the company. Along with the existing 05%, 15%, 35%, 45%, 70% and 85% visual light transmission (VLT) options, STEK is adding 20% and 60% VLT options. With the goal of allowing more people to experience the company’s premium windshield products, STEK will also hold live product demonstrations.

Welcome to the Pros

By Profilm—Booth #12353

Profilm is a window film and PPF manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai. Its research and development and manufacturing facilities are located there as well. The company has a training academy and patterning studio near London and regional offices to support the 40 countries in which it is represented.

Profilm offers a full range of automotive window films— dyed extruded, carbon and ceramics. It recently launched its multi-layered, sputtered technology—multi-layered magnetron—providing total solar energy rejected performance of 62% on a film with visual light transmission of 71%.

Worldwide Reach

By Global Hi-Tech Films— Booth #50141

Global Hi-Tech Films introduces its PPF, constructed with a pro-quality six mil thermoplastic polyurethane film that includes a self-healing hydrophobic topcoat designed to protect paint finishes from scratches, scuffs and stains. The pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive is installer-friendly and the silicon liner is easy to remove, according to the company. Global PPF is produced in Global’s ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility with quality control making it easy to sell and install.

Scotchgard Spotlight

By 3M—Booth #50059

3M Commercial Solutions will highlight its launch of Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (PPF) Pro Series 200 Gloss at the 2022 show. This new film is designed to protect automotive paint and other vulnerable vehicle surfaces from stone chips, scratches and more. In addition, the new 72-inch width film will simplify the installation process by creating seamless coverage for the vehicle. Installers are looking for long-lasting solutions to enhance and protect their vehicles, and Scotchgard™ PPF Pro Series 200’s new offerings will provide installers with a more flexible product and easy installation experience, according to the company.

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What Happens in Vegas …

Window Film magazine has compiled all industry-related companies attending SEMA to ensure you discover the latest products and information to advance your business.

3M—Booth #50059
Adenna LLC—Booth #35125
American Standard Window Film (ASWF)— Booth #52065
Avery Dennison—Booth #52119
Ceramic Pro—Booth #52131
Conco America—Booth #12541
CoolVu—Booth #12862
Eagle Enterprises—Booth #52108
Eastman—Booth #52051
Filink—Booth #52083
Flexishield/Luxo Window Films— Booth #51119
Fusion Tools—Booth #52097
Global Film Source—Booth #35170
Global Hi-Tech Films—Booth #50141
Goff’s Enterprises Inc.—Booth #35042
HEXIS—Booth # 50151
International Window Film Association— Booth #12776
Ivios—Booth # 12139
Johnson Window Films—Booth #50051
KDX America—Booth #50125
Kpmf And Orafol—Booth # 50165
Legend Paint Protection Film— Booth #54263
Madico—Booth #50083
Maxpro Window Films—Booth #52207
Mutoh America Inc.—Booth #50091
PPF Mag—Booth #51103
Pressure on Demand—Booth #51097
Profilm—Booth #12353
Protec Window Film—Booth #52104
Scorpion Protective Coatings Inc.— Booth #55161
Sharpline Converting Inc.— Booth #51135
Shopmonkey—Booth #11861
Solar Gard—Booth #52163
STEK—Booth #52193
UltraFit—Booth #51271
UPPF by Joyvie New Materials Co. ltd.— Booth #12365
Window Film magazine—Booth #51103
Wintech Window Films—Booth #53095
XPEL—Booth #51063
Xsun Window Films—Booth #51077

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