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by Chris Collier
December 21st, 2022

Reader of the Week: Joshua Miller

Green Valley Window Tint in Henderson, Nev., has tinted 61,455 automobiles and 12,875 homes, according to a tracker on its website. Family-owned and operated since 1983, the company houses several trophies from past International Window Film Conference and Tint-Offs. The awards are courtesy of brothers Joshua and Ricky Miller and represent the payoff from a long journey.

Joshua Miller is passionate about building up the next generation of tinters.

“I install flat glass every single day, so that definitely helps,” Joshua Miller said after winning the architectural film contest at WFCT 2022 in San Antonio. “I feel a lot more comfortable now that I’ve come and competed a couple times.”

The architectural division manager for a company landing on WINDOW FILM magazine’s 2022 Top Dealer list, Joshua Miller placed second in the same competition at the same venue in 2018.

The architectural Film Star has shared insight in several articles throughout the years. In Do You Take Bitcoin? – Digital Payments in 2021 and Beyond, Joshua Miller discussed his investments in Ethereum and Bitcoin. In Falling for Flat Glass: Residential Film for Rookies, he spoke about the art of flat glass window tinting.

“I feel like dealing with residential customers is easier than automotive—fewer headaches and hassles,” Joshua Miller says. “What you can make on a residential job with one customer might take you 10 customers in automotive and that’s 10 different people to sell [to].”

Joshua Miller says every week he meets customers who have yet to discover residential film. This amplifies the importance of being confident and knowledgeable to explain the difference between glass types (tempered vs. non-tempered and double pane vs. triple pane). Ultimately, he says the customer is buying you, not the product.

38-year-old Joshua Miller has been in the industry his whole life, growing up around a business he now helps run.

“It’s been fun building our business up,” he says. “I feel like one of the biggest restraints on everybody in the industry right now is hiring, training and retaining [installers]. I want to be seen as someone who wants to train more people in the skills I’ve learned so far and continue to learn.”

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