C-Bond Systems’ Patriot Glass Solutions Division Receives $169,000 Purchase Order for Security Film

March 15th, 2023 by Chris Collier

C-Bond Systems, a nanotechnology solutions company, announced that its Patriot Glass Solutions division has received a $169,000 purchase order to install C-Bond BRS, a patented ballistic-resistant window film system, at the San Antonio Police Department.

“We are proud to offer an additional level of protection for the first responders at the San Antonio Police Department who serve their community and others who may be inside the facility,” says Scott R. Silverman, chairman and CEO of C-Bond. “This order for a police department is an important confirmation of the efficacy of our technology and we look forward to commencing the installation this summer.”

C-Bond’s patented technology and third-party certifications for its C-Bond BRS (ballistic-resistant film system) meet National Institute of Justice Level I, Level IIA, Level II, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 752 ballistic-resistant protection standards.

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  1. I did a little research and the protection level of NIJ Level II is what lower level body armor can do… Handguns up to a .357 magnum soft point. Worthwhille perhaps, but requiring 3 layers on 15 mil film on 1/2″ annealed glass to get to the spec seems unlikely in most situations. If anyone pays to have the system to put on more common thicknesses of glass, they may think they’re getting something they’re not.

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