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by Chris Collier
March 22nd, 2023

Company Payment Processors

Tim Jordan and his wife are serial entrepreneurs. The duo ventured into the window tint, floral and mold removal industries to diversify their holdings. Each segment requires various payment processors to facilitate business. The couple uses Square to manage automotive window tinting payments and Stripe to facilitate flat glass window tinting transactions, citing different strengths for both.

Three for Three

“My wife is a tax accountant by trade, and I have a business marketing development angle to my career,” Jordan says. “We’re from families of entrepreneurs who created this strategy when we were very young. We wanted our hands in different areas so we weren’t tied to one specific thing. The window tinting business was our first venture. We got into it when we were in college. The others came as we were seeking to meet the goal of being in three different industries.”

Tim Jordan and his wife are serial entrepreneurs involved in several industries, including window tint and paint protection film.

Jordan and his wife manage SG Window Tint in Denver; Paul Wood Florist and Palmer Flowers in Fort Collins, Colo.; and Mold Removal Express, also in Fort Collins.

Square and Stripe

“Let me start with the automotive side,” Jordan says. “Square is an affordable and powerful payment processor. The cost of using it is nominal. You have a 3% processing fee that has become standardized. Most online credit card processors charge the same fee; there’s parity. Square backs it up with strong tools.”

Zapier, an online automation tool that works with Tint Wiz, connects apps and services. Jordan uses the tool to create a more centralized customer relationship management process.

“You can create Zapier integration between Tint Wiz and Square that automatically generates a customer in Square when I create one in Tint Wiz,” Jordan explains. “I don’t have to enter the customer’s contact information twice.”

Jordan adds, “An automotive window tinting transaction is a retail transaction. From a hardware perspective, you can buy a Square point-of-sale register. They’re about $600, and they’re fantastic. They work consistently, and they’re durable. They integrate with the Square dashboard on your computer and phone … One of the best things is the ‘ask for tip’ function. My tinters get so many tips. They average 4 to 5% annually.”

Flat Glass Finance

“This is a transaction normally done off-site, not at one of my shops,” Jordan says of flat glass transactions. “This transaction typically involves an invoice. People want invoices for commercial or residential work. They need it for their records. This isn’t a swipe-credit-card transaction typically. We think about it completely differently.”

SG Window Tint uses different payment processors depending on the job. For example, it uses Square for automotive window tinting installations.

Whether overseeing window tint installations, selling flowers or removing mold, Jordan uses payment processor Stripe and the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin for payment at each of his businesses.

“We use Gravity Forms, which integrates with Stripe,” Jordan says. “I can log into the backside of my website and create a form that processes payments. When I send out an invoice through Tint Wiz, I include a payment link that takes you to a secure payment gateway on my website. It automatically processes, sends an email to my staff and they mark it as paid in Tint Wiz.”

Editor’s Note: What payment processors do you use in your business? Contact me at It would be great to hear about your systems. To read about the potential rise of cryptocurrency as a payment, click here.

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