The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
April 5th, 2023

Macon Memories

April’s National Internship Awareness Month brings back memories for me. I worked as a communications intern at The Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS) in Macon, Ga., in fall 2020. I didn’t earn money from the experience, but it gave me real-world practice that laid the foundation for my career today.

Tasked with telling the story of the museum, I created a blog dubbed Impacting Education.

“Initially accredited in 1986, the Museum of Arts and Sciences is currently accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, the highest national recognition that a museum can earn,” I shared. “But the MAS’ mission to educate is just beginning. Over the next 12 weeks, I will highlight this mission through Impacting Education, a blog detailing how the MAS has impacted, is impacting, and will impact the educational landscape across Georgia. I will cover the power of the field trip, the importance of an informal education, the ability to gain knowledge through edutainment, and more. Join me as I take a deeper look into the museum’s everlasting commitment to its permanent purpose—educational enrichment.”

I’d like to share a story I created for this blog. Written during the height of COVID-19, I didn’t get a chance to connect with interviewees in person, but their stories made an impact on me from afar. The Impacting Education blog continues in 2023, serving as a storytelling gateway for young journalists.

Adapting to COVID-19 covered how the museum was forced to adapt to state-wide regulations and fight to bring education to Georgia.

On Wednesday, March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Two days later, on Friday, March 13, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency. That same Friday, the Museum of Arts and Sciences shuttered its doors indefinitely. Susan Mays, MAS director of programs, left work that day determined.

“I just loaded up,” Mays said. “I came home with two great, big bags of files—trying to bring home anything that I could bring with me to work on. [I was] already trying to think about what kinds of projects I might do.”

Click here to read the full story.

During my four month internship, I also highlighted the staff at the museum with a Q/A series titled Get To Know Us. Whether I was interviewing the museum’s executive director or a collector, people were at the center of every single write-up.

And that’s what I enjoy most about my position in the window film industry. At last week’s Hüper Optik and Autobahn Dealer Conference, I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones, too. Billy ‘Frickin’ Murray, territory manager at Autobahn, Hüper Optik and Edge, asked me a thought-provoking question at the awards ceremony: “What’s it like working at the magazine?”

After some reflection, it’s just like my internship at the museum. I’m not here for awards, recognition or status. I’m here to provide you a means to share your journey. It’s comparable to an assist in basketball. I may be filling up the stat sheet with my passes, but my interviewees are the ones scoring the points … and that’s just the way I like it.

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