C-Bond Systems to Install Security Film Near Uvalde, Texas

April 19th, 2023 by Chris Collier

C-Bond Systems, a nanotechnology solutions company, announced that its Patriot Glass Solutions division has received a notice of award to install C-Bond Secure, a patented security film system, at a Texas school district adjacent to Uvalde, Texas.

C-Bond Secure, the company’s proprietary glass strengthener, which is applied directly to the window prior to the application of window film, increases the strength and flexibility of the underlying glass, according to the company. When used in conjunction with security film, C-Bond Secure can delay forced entry by up to a minute and a half, which gives law enforcement or other security personnel significantly more time to apprehend the perpetrator, adds the release.

“By installing C-Bond security film, this school will meet the Texas Education Agency’s proposed requirements for school safety,” says Michael Wanke, president of Patriot Glass Solutions. “We are bidding on new school projects almost daily and expect this momentum to continue as school safety stays top of mind.”

Stay tuned for the May/June issue of WINDOW FILM magazine for a security film/attachment deep dive.

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