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by Erik Devash
May 31st, 2023

Making Your Mark in Residential Tinting

May 31st, 2023 by Erik Devash

Welcome to Erik Devash’s first blog! We hope you enjoy his insightful content! – Chris Collier, editor of WINDOW FILM magazine.

In the world of residential window tinting, scheduling a consultation often acts as the initial stepping stone to selling the job. Although it may be tempting to rush toward a quick estimate based on a phone conversation and pictures, this is not the most effective approach. Instead, setting up an in-home consultation is an essential best practice for flat glass window tint projects, as it increases the potential for higher sales, better pricing and improved customer satisfaction.

Although it may be tempting to rush toward a quick estimate based on a phone conversation and pictures, this is not the most effective approach.

Setting the Stage: Initial Contact and Communication

Your first contact with a potential client, usually over the phone, is crucial. It’s at this juncture that you start paving the way for a consultation. Remember, every word and tone matters.

Politeness is not an option, but a necessity. Respond positively with reassuring phrases such as “Absolutely” to convey that you’re eager, attentive and focused on assisting the client. The tone of your voice can either make or break the deal. By sounding helpful, patient and knowledgeable, you’re likely to inspire confidence. However, rushing them off the phone or sounding uninterested may deter them from opting for a consultation.

The Art of Persuasion: Selling the Consultation

It is essential to convey the importance and benefits of an in-home consultation to potential clients. Explain that the variety of window film options and different types of glass make an in-home consultation the best method to identify the perfect solution for their needs. Assure them that the consultation is free, aimed at providing an accurate quote, showing them their options, and tailoring the best solution for their specific requirements. It’s about their satisfaction, not pushing a sale.

Alleviating Client Concerns: The Soft Sell

Clients may sometimes be hesitant about an in-home consultation. They may feel obligated to buy the tint or worry about potential consultation costs. To alleviate these fears, communicate that the consultation is a no-obligation, cost-free process. A strategy to make clients more comfortable is casually mentioning that you’ll be in their area for other installations and would be more than happy to stop by. This frames the consultation as a friendly visit rather than a high-pressure sales situation.

A Worthwhile Investment: The Value of Time Spent

Some might view the time spent on consultations as potentially wasted, but this perspective is misguided. Choosing not to venture out for in-home consultations is the real time-waster. When you invest your time in a consultation, you gain more than just the possibility of securing a job. While at the client’s home, you have the opportunity to expand the job scope, possibly highlighting other areas where window film would be beneficial—something they may not have initially considered. Suggestions such as frosting bathroom windows or adding security film on sliders can often lead to a larger project, benefitting both your business and the client’s satisfaction.

Remember, consultations are not just about making a sale but about building relationships and trust. Approach them with the right mindset, and you’ll see your residential window tinting business grow in ways you never imagined.

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  1. Great article! Very good practical advice to get dealers to grow their flat glass business. what stood out to me the most is when you said ” Remember, every word and tone matters.” this is so true, thank you for the reminder! Looking forward to all of your articles and congratulations on joining the blog team!

  2. Excellent article. I am going to add another item to this list: dressing code.
    I get that you may be out to do another installation but dressing properly is as important as the film you sell. Actually it may be even more important because it is in the first few seconds that you are making an impressions.

  3. Perfectly said. We implement a lot of the tactics you’ve laid out already. But did catch a few things I will definitely implement. Thanks for sharing Erik.
    Great article. It like you was born to do this. Lol

  4. Erik, you’re an awesome addition to the blogger team! It’s tremendously helpful to have your wisdom in a readable, referenceable format now!

  5. I couldn’t thank you enough for the reminder of how important it is to not rush a quote . I often feel this pressure from customers just asking me to please just give them a rough estimate based off their measurements. I try to explain to them “kindly” the importance of us getting a eyes on the job, show some samples and give some advice for the best accurate estimate. With out making them feel pressured or as if I just want to sell them . So this article is so well laid out lots of great pointers and reminders ! Thank you for sharing and congratulations.

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