Tint World Opens New Locations in Texas and California

May 3rd, 2023 by Chris Collier

Tint World Automotive Styling Centers, an auto accessory and window tinting franchise, announced the opening of new locations in Buda, Texas, and Agoura Hills, Calif.

Tint World Buda, owned by military veteran Jason Gerstenhaber, introduces drivers throughout the South Austin-San Marcos metropolitan area to automotive aftermarket performance and style accessories and services, including window-tinting solutions.

“Buda is one of the Austin-area’s fastest growing suburbs, and as more families and individuals move in, the demand for automotive solutions will only increase,” Gerstenhaber says. “Tint World Buda is a trustworthy, locally owned business that our growing number of neighbors can rely on for everything from ultra-premium window tint, paint protection film, and nano ceramic coatings to audio and video, performance upgrades, and even safety and security technology.”

Charles J. Bonfiglio, president and CEO of Tint World, says, “Jason brings tremendous vision and experience to our growing network of Tint World stores across Texas, and he’s a valuable addition to the Tint World family as a whole. We’re proud to have him and other veteran franchisees as part of our franchise system. Through his service, Jason has demonstrated that he has exceptional dedication and discipline, and we’re confident he’ll lean on our world-class franchisee support to deliver the best customer service and automotive solutions to his market.”

Tint World Expands California Presence

Tint World also announced its new location in Agoura Hills, Calif. Owned and operated by Habib and Melody Golshayan, Tint World Agoura Hills will serve drivers and auto enthusiasts throughout western Los Angeles County.

“Melody and I were seeking a reliable, proven path into owning a franchise, and Tint World’s award-winning franchisee support system, training and robust marketing made them the easy choice for us,” Habib says.

Bonfiglio says, “We’re thrilled to continue our growth in California as we welcome Habib and Melody into the Tint World family. This power couple is committed not just to success in franchising but to excellent customer service and delivering the best aftermarket automotive solutions that our proven franchise system provides to the communities around Agoura Hills. Thanks to our innovative, world class franchisee support, Tint World owners like Habib and Melody can stand out from the competition and have the edge they need to succeed.”

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