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by Chris Collier
June 7th, 2023

The Most Tinted and Paint-Protected Vehicles of 2023

American automotive enthusiast magazine Car and Driver recently ranked the 25 best-selling cars, trucks and SUVs of 2023 in the U.S. (so far). It got me thinking … what are your most tinted and paint-protected vehicles of the year?

A Tesla Tide-Turner

“Tesla has made a significant push with the Model Y as their newest flagship vehicle, and you’re seeing that with an increase in PPF sales with that specific model,” shared Hunter Garwood, general manager of All Pro Window Films in Raleigh, N.C. “They’ve price-pointed the Model Y at a level where a customer can get an SUV-type vehicle at a sedan-based price.”

All Pro Window Films tracks its projects with Tint Wiz, founded by new Focus on Film e-newsletter blogger Erik Devash. With a total of 1,236 automotive window tinting and PPF projects completed in 2023, these are the company’s top-10-installed vehicles so far:

1. Ford F-150—60

2. Tesla Model Y—28

3. GMC Sierra 1500—28

4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500—27

5. Tesla Model 3—24

6. Honda Accord—23

7. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD—21

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee—21

9. Toyota Camry—21

10. GMC Sierra 2500HD—21

My Takeaways

The Ford F-150 is All Pro Window Films’ most-worked-on vehicle in 2023, and it doesn’t surprise me. Car and Driver cites the Ford F-Series as 2023’s best-selling vehicle in America. I recently visited Texas to see a friend. I thought Georgia had lots of trucks, but there were F-150s around every bend.

Not one, not two, but every vehicle on All Pro Window Films’ top-10 list lands on Car and Driver’s list.

All Pro Window Films’ list is free of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and exotics. Instead, the ranking includes everyday vehicles like popular trucks, Toyotas, Hondas and Fords. The bottom line? The benefits of window tint and PPF apply to every car, including the daily drivers. Consumers are recognizing that.

I am curious to see your top-installed vehicles for 2023 so far. Feel free to reach out to me at or share your list in the comment section below.

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