Texas Adopts School Safety Standards Including Film

June 14th, 2023 by Chris Collier

The TEA has now adopted a final rule pertaining to school safety standards including security film.

In the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has proposed new school safety standards, including security film installations. The TEA has now adopted a final rule pertaining to those proposed standards.

The TEA Final Rule provides a multifaceted framework for Texas public schools to add safety measures, including a requirement for exterior doors containing glass and exterior ground-level windows that could permit entry to be modified/reinforced with, for example, forced entry-resistant film.

The rule states that “Unless inside an exterior secured area, doors constructed of glass or containing glass shall be constructed or modified such that the glass cannot be easily broken and allow an intruder to open or otherwise enter through the door (for example, using forced entry-resistant film).”

The rule also mandates that “Except when inside an exterior secured area, all ground-level windows near exterior doors that are of a size and position that permits entry from the exterior, if broken, shall be constructed or modified such that the glass cannot be easily broken and allow an intruder to enter through the window frame (for example, using forced entry-resistant film).”

Patriot Glass Solutions plans to maximize its impact following the final rule.

“The TEA’s final rule for school safety provides practical solutions to the changing security landscape and the growing demand for advanced safety measures within schools across Texas,” says Michael Wanke, president of Patriot Glass Solutions. “Hopefully, the TEA’s action will serve as a road map for other educational agencies in states throughout the country to take a proactive approach to increase school safety for students, teachers and staff.”

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“As a parent, I have begun taking photos of my kids every day before they get on the bus because I live with the reality that it might be the last time I see them,” shares Jesse Chase, vice president of marketing at National Glazing Solutions LLC, a nationwide commercial window film company. “It is terrifying to send them to school, but I have no other options. Even private schools aren’t safe, as seen in the Nashville tragedy.”

Chase isn’t alone. School shootings are a significant concern for many U.S. parents. In a 2022 Pew Research Center survey, roughly a third (32%) of parents of children in K-12 schools said they are very or extremely worried about a shooting ever happening at their children’s school.

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