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July 27th, 2023 by Nathan Hobbs

Fourth Annual Window Film New Products Guide

Welcome to the most comprehensive edition of Window Film magazine’s Annual New Products Guide. This year’s Guide is built to propel your second half of 2023 by featuring products from various industry segments. If you know of a new product that should be included in a future issue, please email editor Chris Collier at ccollier@glass.com.

Architectural Window Film

Introducing Avery Dennison Modular Poly Clear Two Mil

Avery Dennison has expanded its modular portfolio with the addition of Modular Poly Clear two mil window film. When combined with a solar film, Modular Poly Clear two mil adds solar protection to interior and exterior polycarbonate windows and acrylic rigid surfaces. The film is ideal for partitions and acrylic windows in schools, hospitals, bus shelters and skylights. The film is stackable, does not need cure time and pairs with any Avery Dennison solar, safety or decorative window film to meet a variety of application needs and aesthetics. It is also designed to resist bubbling/blistering from outgassing and delamination.

Automotive Window Film

Profilm Performs

King 70 (MM70/K70) from Profilm Advanced Materials Ltd. is a multi-stack, sputtered film that provides ideal total solar energy rejected performance—62% on a 71% visual light transmission (VLT) film. The manufacturer says optimal heat rejection as well as safety features make King 70 a solution for warmer climates.

Flying Higher With Fellers

Fellers, a distributor of cutting systems, vinyl, window and paint protection film as well as tools, offers Avery Dennison Shield IR 80 automotive window film, which delivers heat rejection and visible light transmission with a virtually clear film. Shield IR 80 utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening, per the company.

Eastman’s Ceramic Tint “Evolves”

Eastman Performance Films’ new ceramic tint SunTek Evolve is designed to block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and can reject up to 94% of infrared rays (65% total solar energy rejection), which facilitates cooler cabins and reduced interior fading. The reformulated coating with improved scratch resistance and increased glide helps with installations. Evolve also offers numerous tint options so drivers can achieve the desired look or upgrade existing factory-tinted glass, according to the company.

Hybrid Heat Rejection

Maxpro’s XCL PRO window film is a multi-layered hybrid that provides superior infrared rejection with low reflectivity, according to the company. More durable than traditional dyed and metalized window films, XCL PRO’s enhanced design delivers aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results for drivers.

Cooling Down Summer

Wintech introduces Xenium Premium (XP) auto window film. XP is the company’s Nano-Ceramic film featuring 95% rejection of Infrared on all VLT options. Available VLTs include five, 15, 35 and 70%.

Decorative Film

CreativeFx Inspires Custom Creations

CreativeFx Custom Window Films is a collection of window film products used to enhance interior windows and glass in commercial spaces. Its specialty decorative films are 100% custom designed and produced for every order to the user’s taste, specifications and needs. Digitally printing films on architectural glass with photographic or etched glass aesthetics is a leading trend in interior design for achieving privacy, enhancing atmospheres and showcasing branding, per the company.

General Services

EPD’s Service and Product Offerings

Energy Products Distribution (EPD) is a master distributor of 3M Window Films, paint protection films, ceramic coatings, wrap film Series 2080, glass finishes, DI-NOC architectural finishes and pattern and solutions center pattern software. They also distribute Bray Super Stretch Windshield Protection Film, Graphtec plotters and installation tools. EPD offers its dealers the tools necessary to start, manage and grow their businesses. EPD University also offers an in-person and online film school featuring hands-on installation and virtual sales, marketing and product knowledge training. The company’s Partner Portal is an online portal available 24 hours a day where a dealer can access relevant information such as price lists, technical documents, marketing assets and other useful information. The company also created Career Connect, an online job marketplace that caters to the automotive and architectural film industry, helping pair a dealer looking for labor with an installer looking for employment.

Helping Hands

Kam Unlimited is a window film subcontractor and installer in America known for providing labor services. As a specialized subcontractor, Kam Unlimited’s expertise lies in delivering top-quality installation services for various commercial and residential properties. Kam has a team of professionals who are experienced in installing different types of window films, ensuring that the final product is aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A PPF Entryway

Global Hi-Tech Films presents Door Defense, a partial PPF package designed to protect high-traffic areas such as door edges, sills and cups. Developed in 2022, Door Defense provides a cost-effective solution for auto tinters and restylers looking to venture into PPF.

With Door Defense, newbies can offer PPF without purchasing plotters or software. Tint, detail and vinyl shops can start selling these packages to their window film customers, igniting curiosity and generating additional revenue.

A New PPF from IVIOS

Global film brand Ivios announced the launch of Kaizer Z12 PPF, a new product offering protective function and durability.

Ivios’ Kaizer Z12 paint protection film is 12-mil thick and provides an upgraded protective function with optimal elasticity. The PPF is created by applying the Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology, a unique top-coating technology independently developed by Ivios’ Coating and Material Science Laboratory, according to the company.

The Systematic Design of Cross-linked Polymer Technology prevents the surface of a PPF product from being contaminated by pollutants in various environments, helping the product maintain its exterior condition longer. Kaizer Z12 provides stain resistance, non-yellowing, solvent resistance and durability along with strong protection, making it ideal for high-end cars and sports cars, as well as off-road vehicles exposed to rough road conditions and environments.

Style Meets Protection … ‘Stection’

Clif Designs has conducted research to incorporate their expertise in paint protection film technology with wrapping films. Through numerous trials and testing, Clif Designs has advanced and now introduces a film dubbed Stection, which simultaneously provides ‘STyle’ and ‘protECTION.’

As the name suggests, Stection combines the advantages of styling in wrapping films and the protection benefits of paint protection films. It is a concept of “color paint protection film.” The product offers fundamental solutions to the three key issues that are most problematic with car wrapping per the company: film discoloration, surface deformation and damage.


Roland Rolls Out Enhancements

Roland’s third-generation TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutters expand on previous generations with automated features, added usability and broader color choices. Higher print quality, productivity and ease of use can be expected from those of past models. The printers come equipped with a seven-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration and other automated tools. In addition, eight-color ink configurations offer a variety of options. The VG3’s four FlexFire printheads work with other prominent features to create custom graphics. Roland also offers the DG TrueVIS SG3 series in two sizes to deliver graphics.

Mutoh Makes Moves

The Mutoh XpertJet 1641SR Pro 64” Eco-Solvent single head, four-color (CMYK) printer builds upon Mutoh’s made-in-Japan reputation. It delivers optimal print quality and outstanding speeds, according to the company. It is powered by Mutoh’s new genuine VerteLith RIP Software, bundled with Mutoh’s FlexiDesigner Mutoh Edition 21. VerteLith RIP optimizes the XPJ-1641SR Pro’s capabilities and produces the best-possible gradients, skin tones and vivid colors. This printer features Mutoh’s new AccuFine Print Head, which achieves dot placement accuracy and an increased nozzle row length for 35% faster print speeds. The XPJ-1641SR Pro is paired with Mutoh’s GreenGuard Gold certified MS41 Eco-Solvent ink, suitable for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals and child care facilities, providing users a larger color gamut, durability and enhanced dot gain.

Software and Technology

Precision Patterning from Johnson Window Films

Johnson Window Films has introduced FitPro, precision patterning software to help eliminate the dangers of hand cutting, reduce installation times and improve work efficiency. The software includes instant access to new patterns and updates, custom file manipulation and saving and technical support. Patterns are pre-nested for efficiency (manual nesting also available), and the platform supports multiple plotters.

Tint Wiz Rolls Out Easy Payments and Deposits with Stripe

Tint Wiz simplifies online payments and deposits with Stripe’s secure checkout system, ensuring a simple and smooth experience. This integration automatically adds a ‘Pay Now’ button to invoices as well as the ability to require a deposit after a proposal is approved.

When deposits are received, businesses can tailor an approval message, bringing a personal element to the process. The integration also offers real-time deposit notifications, improving the rhythm of business operations.


Operating With Olfa

Olfa North America announced an upcoming enhancement in two handles of the nine mm Stainless Steel Series. The handles impacted are the Olfa Model SVR-2 (5019) and Model SAC-1 (9150). After user research and feedback, the company upgraded these handles with additional increments to the blade slider to allow for finer adjustments. The SVR-2 now offers users two adjustments per blade, while the SAC-1 now allows three adjustments per segment. The blade slider on both models has also been updated to a smoother, more comfortable surface, compared to previous versions, according to the company.

Additionally, the SVR-2 body is 2.3 mm shorter for better maneuverability.

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