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by Erik Devash
August 9th, 2023

Ensuring a Successful Home Window Film Install Experience 

August 9th, 2023 by Erik Devash

Just like the consultation, being on time for the installation is not just a courtesy; it’s a reflection of your professionalism.

In the first two articles of this series, we went over the intricacies of establishing contact and scheduling a consultation, and then navigating through the consultation itself to secure the job. Now that you’ve reached the installation phase, the focus shifts to delivering a flawless installation experience.

Professional Arrival: Set the Tone from the Start

Just like the consultation, being on time for the installation is not just a courtesy; it’s a reflection of your professionalism. Give the client a call 30-45 minutes before you arrive to reassure them of your timing and allow them to be ready for you. Upon arrival, wear booties or remove your shoes.

Drop cloths are your allies in showing the customer how meticulously you’ll take care of their home. The more, the better. Whether it’s the floor, furniture, or any other area that might be impacted by your work, covering up with clean drop cloths reassures the customer that their home is in safe hands. These initial steps should demonstrate a 1000% commitment to customer satisfaction, setting the stage for a successful installation.

Communicate with the Client: Approach with Respect and Kindness

A warm greeting followed by reviewing the job’s scope with the client initiates the work phase. Remember, customer satisfaction is your priority. If the client has preferences, such as starting in a certain area of the home, acknowledge with a smile, but also feel free to suggest alternative approaches based on your expertise.

If there’s a reason to start on certain windows due to direction and sun exposure, share this knowledge, but always do so with kindness. Ultimately, it’s the customer’s home, and they’re always right. Your goal is to make them feel valued, heard, and in control.

Prepare Work Area: Organized Precision

Find a suitable staging area for your film, tools, trash, ladder, keg, and film handler if one is being used. An organized workspace not only enhances your efficiency but also reflects your professionalism. Everything from clean drop cloths to the meticulous arrangement of tools contributes to building the client’s confidence in your expertise.

Respect Work Environment: Embrace the “Tint Zone”

Once you begin the installation, it’s time to get into the “Tint Zone.” Be mindful of your surroundings and maintain a respectful attitude. Kindness extends to the work environment itself. Respect quiet work zones and avoid inappropriate language, whether on the phone or amongst coworkers. While conversations between team members or on the phone can help pass the time for you, they may not be appreciated by the homeowner. Remember, there are likely cameras in the house, possibly with audio, capturing everything. It’s best to focus on the task at hand, showing the customer that your full attention is on their home, not on personal conversations or what you did last weekend. In doing so, you’re not just representing yourself, but your entire company, demonstrating professionalism and dedication to the job at hand.

Document Your Work: The Importance of Evidence

Taking quality before, during, and after pictures and videos is not only essential but also incredibly valuable. These images serve many important purposes, from being a testament to your work and the transformation you’ve achieved to protecting you from any potential misunderstandings. In case a customer notices something on their wall, floor, or furniture that was there before but went unnoticed until you left, having detailed before and after pictures can provide invaluable evidence.

These pictures and videos are also highly beneficial for promoting your work. They can be used on your website, social media pages, case studies, and as part of your portfolio when conducting future consultations. Given that pictures are free to take and have so much value, it’s wise to take plenty of them. Ensure your pictures are sharp and easy to see by wiping your camera lens clean and carefully framing what you want to capture.

Final Touches: Leaving a Lasting Impression

Your job doesn’t end with the installation. The area should look even better when you leave than when you began. Make sure there are absolutely no blades left behind. Customers will not take too kindly to finding a blade in their carpet, or worse, if their child finds it first. Always disposing your blades properly helps prevent potential accidents and demonstrates your attention to the smallest details.

The goal is to leave the place in such a condition that it reflects your attention to detail and care for the customer’s home, ensuring not only a professional appearance but also the safety and trust of your clients.

Collecting Payment: Ensuring Timely Compensation

Always be prepared to collect payment before leaving whenever possible but do so with the same level of courtesy and professionalism you’ve maintained throughout the process. Collecting payment on completion, especially with home window tinting, saves you the headaches of trying to collect payment afterward.

A Symphony of Satisfaction

Each step of the installation process, from your professional arrival to the final touches, contributes to an overall symphony of satisfaction. By sticking to these principles, you’re not just ensuring the success of the installation but also paving the way for glowing reviews and potential referrals. This meticulous care, combined with respectful communication and attention to detail, encapsulates the art of window tinting installation.

Remember, the customer’s trust in you goes beyond the job at hand. You are a guest in their home, and your actions and behavior are as much a part of your service as the installation itself. Cherish this trust, and your business will grow through satisfied customers and their compelling testimonials.

Key Takeaways for a Successful Home Window Film Install Experience

Professional Arrival: Be on time, communicate your arrival, and take measures like wearing booties to show respect for the client’s home.

Meticulous Care of Home: Utilize drop cloths and other tools to protect the customer’s property, reflecting your commitment to their satisfaction.

Client Communication: Approach with respect, kindness, and flexibility, considering the customer’s preferences while also sharing your expertise.

Organized Workspace: Keep your work area neat and organized, reflecting professionalism and enhancing efficiency.

Respectful Behavior: Embrace the “Tint Zone” by being mindful of your surroundings and avoiding inappropriate language or distractions.

Documentation: Capture before, during, and after pictures to serve as evidence of your work, for protection, and as a valuable promotional tool.

Attention to Detail: Ensure no blades or other hazards are left behind, emphasizing your care for every aspect of the job.

Prompt Payment Collection: Maintain professionalism while collecting payment upon completion, saving yourself potential future difficulties.

Overall Satisfaction: Every step contributes to a symphony of satisfaction, with meticulous care, communication, and attention to detail at the heart of a successful installation.


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  1. Great article, Erik! This is an excellent template for companies to follow! Literally a checklist for success in flat glass installations.

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