The New Guy by Chris Collier
by Chris Collier
August 9th, 2023

“Not the Bees!”

What a collection …

Nicolas Cage is all the rage in 2023. Playing Edward Malus in a 2006 horror film The Wicker Man, Cage screams, “Not the Bees!” during an infamous bee torture scene. I felt a little like Cage when I discovered an estimated 40,000 bees in the siding of my house a few weeks ago (I have photos—don’t worry).

Thankfully, the situation is under control. All bees were safely removed from the house, and all is well. But when a family member texted me photos of the infestation, my jaw hit the floor. I was mid-interview, and needless to say, the flow of the conversation was sent astray.

“… You there, Chris?”

“ … Yes, sorry! *Proceeds to ask a question about flat glass.*

A closer look at the infestation.

Despite the trouble, now is a good time to remember the business lessons we can learn from these guys … all 40,000 of them, in my case. Inc. magazine wrote an article on the topic. “Whether it is our packaging, taking a deeper look at our supply chain, or the product design itself, there is an opportunity to unlock efficiencies in almost every aspect of one’s business … It starts today, and it starts with the bees.”

Click here to read the full article. And feel free to share your greatest distractions while on the job.

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