WFCT 2023: Seminars Tackle Marketing Strategies and Economic Updates 

September 20th, 2023 by Casey Flores

Digital marketing is a key cog for any business. Patric Fransko, president of Eye Magnet Management, focused on its importance during the opening seminar of the International Window Film Conference & Tint-Off™ (WFCT) 2023.  

WFCT runs from Sept. 20-22, 2023, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center in Virginia Beach, Va. The event brings industry professionals together to discuss trends, strategies and view the latest products.

The 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off keynote session in Virginia Beach, Va.

Fransko says digital strategies include optimizing photos, executing search engine optimization (SEO), using artificial intelligence strategically, setting up a Google business page and streamlining websites. 

“You don’t want to go with the bargain basement hosting service,” says Fransko regarding setting up a reliable website. “Make sure your website is also loading quickly. Make it easy for visitors to navigate, both visually and with words.” 

Fransko adds that websites are vital because they are a visual and textual roadmap for your business. They’re like window displays. Nobody wants to step into a store with an underwhelming presentation.  

SEO implementation is also important. Fransko says SEO covers how images are optimized, site structure and correct copy. It essentially gives Google a roadmap of what companies offer. To reach the most viewers, companies must ensure their website’s grammar and spelling are correct, and there is no thin content, meaning more than 600 words per website.  

Regarding photos, Fransko says companies need to pay as much attention to descriptions as the visual component. This includes proper labeling, such as listing photos with company, name, city, state and product. Geo-information needs to be considered, keywords attached and descriptions detailed. Fransko says Geolmgr is a great resource for optimizing images.  

Social media is also a key digital strategy. Companies need to consider who their audience is to reach the largest group. Fransko says companies should register profiles on relevant platforms that perform well for their content and only pay for targeted advertising. 

Window Film Economic Update 

Nick St. Denis, director of research for Key Media & Research (KMR), discussed the state of the window film, paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coatings market in the U.S. 

St. Denis says consumer sentiment in the U.S. rebounded after the pandemic despite continued fears of a recession. He adds sentiment remains relatively tepid. 

However, business continues to boom for window film companies. St. Denis says the top film dealers increased revenues by 32% from 2021 to 2022. Joint revenues of top PPF and window film manufacturers increased by 102% from 2017 to 2022.  

“That shows a lot of strength in the industry,” says St. Denis. “Outpacing most of the aftermarket industry.” 

He adds the ceramic coatings business is a growing option for automotive film businesses.  

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White Sits Down with KMR 

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White is no stranger to the spotlight. The five-time Olympian is the face of the extreme sports industry, having participated in and won events worldwide. As an entrepreneur, his career mimics those in the window film industry, relying on relationships and hard work to rise above the fray.  

White shared his story to a packed room on Wednesday at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. His story begins at a California YMCA skate park frequented by skateboard legend Tony Hawk. The meeting propelled White into a career in skateboarding and snowboarding.  

He has faced numerous tribulations throughout his career, such as being born with a congenital heart defect and blowing out his knee. Despite those setbacks, he says fulfillment is the key to a long and fruitful career.  

“Success without fulfillment is the greatest failure,” he says.  

Be sure to follow the WINDOW FILM newsletter and magazine for additional coverage of WFCT. We will continue to feature the various seminars and events on the tradeshow floor. The show runs through Friday, Sept. 22, 2023.  


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