16 Taiwanese Tinting Companies Team up to Tint a School for Charity

October 18th, 2023 by Casey Flores

The Lion Clubs International in Hualien, Taiwan teamed up with Greenway Film and 16 tinting companies to install high heat-reduction window film at Hualien City Zhonghua Elementary School. Mr. Yu-shiue Lee, president of Greenway Film, stated the following:

In the past year, Greenway Film had donated over GS Antimicrobial window films to 8 rural schools in Taiwan. Our initial objective was to provide a more conducive learning environment for children in improvised regions through the reduction of glare and heat, improvement of safety by limiting impact from shattered glass and antimicrobial protection on window surfaces.

Now, the latest project in Hualien, is an extension of these efforts with co-sponsorship from NGOs (Non-government Organisations), and for the first time, having 40 tinters from 16 companies to interact, and do what we do best for charity.

Photos: KH Poon

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