Security Film Spotlighted After Thwarting Hamas Attack in Israel

October 25th, 2023 by Casey Flores

What was initially a security film job meant to deter burglars has gone viral for saving 12 people from a Hamas terrorist attack in Israel.

In 2021, Jerusalem-based SunShield Group installed security film on a convenience store in Gevim Kibbutz (a Kibbutz is a small Israeli community) as part of a contract to secure all of its store locations in Israel.

Gevim is less than 4 miles from the Gaza border and was the target of a recent Hamas attack.

“The alarm sirens set off because Hamas shot rockets nearby,” says Uriel Nathan, owner of SunShield Group. “People took shelter in the convenience store. When they went outside, they saw a pickup truck with 8 Hamas terrorists on it,” so they went back in and locked the door.

Security footage from that day—October 7—shows one member of the terrorist group using a gun to try and break in, to no avail.  The event made national news and was featured on Israel’s Channel 12 News, the nation’s largest channel.

“They tried to break into that store and if the glass wasn’t protected, it would’ve been breached and the people inside would’ve been murdered for sure,” Nathan says. “I got a call from the company’s security officer and he told me it saved 12 lives. There were Arabs, Jews and Christians alike in there. He thanked me and told me there’s going to be a lot more work soon.”

The customer asked that he not disclose the exact specifications of the installation, but Nathan says it was a stacked multi-layered film. In addition to his regular business, Sunshield Group is flooded with requests for security film installations while being down two employees who were called for duty to the Israel Defense Forces.

Nathan is grateful for the chance to save lives.

“We have a lot of footage of burglars trying to break in, but this is different—they’re trying to kill people,” he says.

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