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October 13th, 2023 by Nathan Hobbs

WFCT Sponsors to Display their New Products in Virginia Beach

By Chris Collier

Virginia Beach, Va.’s, Virginia Beach Convention Center plays host to many events. From September 20-22, though, the facility hosts this film industry’s most popular event: the 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT). The gathering features exhibitors from the industry’s top companies excited to display their latest and greatest. The event also features intense competitions and everything educational. Here’s a look at what some companies plan to highlight at the event.

Architectural Window Film

Avery Dennison Modular Poly Clear Two Mil Booth #440

Avery Dennison has expanded its modular portfolio with the addition of Modular Poly Clear two mil window film. When combined with a solar film, Modular Poly Clear two mil adds solar protection to interior and exterior polycarbonate windows and acrylic rigid surfaces. The film is ideal for partitions and acrylic windows in schools, hospitals, bus shelters and skylights. Modular Poly Clear two mil is stackable, does not need cure time and pairs with any Avery Dennison solar, safety or decorative window film to meet a variety of application needs and aesthetics. It is also designed to resist bubbling/blistering from outgassing and delamination.

Automotive Window Film

LLumar Nxt Window Tint Booth #370 and #374

The Nxt dimension in window tint rejects up to 94% of infrared rays in addition to offering more than 99% UV protection, according to the company. Advanced ceramic nanoparticle construction helps withstand sweltering temperatures and fading—in a variety of both darker and lighter shades. Nxt from Eastman Performance Films is also designed to help deliver driving protection and comfort.

Flying Higher With Fellers Booth #390

Fellers, a distributor of cutting systems, vinyl, window and paint protection film and tools, offers Avery Dennison Shield IR 80 automotive window film, which delivers heat rejection and visible light transmission with a virtually clear film. Shield IR 80 utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening, per the company.

Hybrid Heat Rejection from Maxpro Booth #230

Maxpro’s XCL PRO window film is a multi-layered hybrid that provides infrared rejection with low reflectivity, according to the company. More durable than traditional dyed and metalized window films, XCL PRO’s enhanced design delivers aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results for drivers.

Decorative Film

CreativeFx Inspires Custom Creations Booth #178

CreativeFx Custom Window Films is a collection of products that enhance interior windows and glass in commercial spaces. The specialty decorative films are 100% custom designed and produced for every order to the user’s taste, specifications and needs. Films digitally printed with photographic or etched glass aesthetic and applied to architectural glass is a leading trend in interior design for achieving privacy, enhancing atmospheres, and showcasing branding, per the company.

General Services

EPD’s Service and Product Offerings Booth #376

Energy Products Distribution (EPD) is a Master Distributor of 3M Window Films, Paint Protection Films, Ceramic Coatings, Wrap Film Series 2080, Glass Finishes, DI-NOC Architectural Finishes and Pattern and Solutions Center Pattern Software. They also distribute Bray Super Stretch Windshield Protection Film, Graphtec Plotters and installation tools. EPD offers its dealers the tools necessary to start, manage and grow their businesses. EPD University also offers an in-person and online film school featuring hands-on installation and virtual sales, marketing and product knowledge training. The company’s Partner Portal is an online portal available 24 hours a day where a dealer can access relevant information such as price lists, technical documents, marketing assets and other useful information. It also created Career Connect, an online job marketplace that caters to the automotive and architectural film industry, helping pair a dealer looking for labor with an installer looking for employment.

CoolVu Continues its National Expansion Booth #366

Since launching the CoolVu Franchise Opportunity in February 2022, the company has trained more than 50 owners representing 70 franchise territories across 32 states.

CoolVu will be exhibiting at WFCT to attract window film professionals to join the brand. “We have created a unique program for industry professionals who would like to grow their business under the CoolVu banner,” says CoolVu president Mike Herrera.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Vinyl

Hexis’ Offerings: Non-Exhibiting Sponsor

Hexis, a manufacturer of self-adhesive films since 1989, offers automotive products that many have come to know and value. The company offers various paint protection films and vinyl wrapping films.
• Bodyfence paint protection film;
• Skintac cast color-change vinyl; and
• Hexlights headlight/taillight wrap vinyl

Advancing With Autobahn Booth #150

Autobahn is the sponsor of the keynote address at the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) 2023. On the exhibition floor, Autobahn will showcase Incognito PPF. The product is a premium clear film that offers optimal protection for a vehicle’s painted surfaces. In addition to its hydrophobic properties, Incognito PPF also has a glass-like gloss finish that enhances the appearance of a vehicle while providing long-lasting protection against scratches, rock chips and other road debris. The film’s self-healing properties ensure that minor scratches and swirl marks disappear over time, leaving a vehicle’s paint looking like new, according to the company.

KDX’s Lumi PPF Booth #385

KDX’s Lumi PPF features autonomous self-healing properties, meaning light scratches and swirl marks will disappear without applying heat, according to the company. Equipped with a high level of gloss and clarity, this film will neither damage the original paint nor leave adhesive residual upon removal.

Door Defense by Global Hi-Tech Films Booth #450

Global Hi-Tech Films will showcase Door Defense, a partial PPF package crafted to safeguard high-traffic areas such as door edges, sills and cups. Developed in 2022, Global Door Defense offers a cost-effective solution for auto tinters and restylers looking to dive into the world of PPF.

It even allows newcomers to the industry to offer PPF services without investing in expensive plotters, full PPF rolls or software, per the company.

Two New PPFs from Madico Booth #560

Protekt FlexPro PPF by Madico offers a premium self-healing topcoat, forgiving adhesive, and ideal stretch and flexibility. The stretch and flex keeps the top coat intact while the forgiving adhesive allows for easier repositioning, according to the company.

Protekt HD PPF by Madico offers clarity with a topcoat that provides both stain-resistance and gloss. Protekt HD features a hydrophobic, self-healing finish for easy cleaning. The high-tack adhesive is ideal for wrapping edges while mitigating edge lifting when installing on dynamically-curved surfaces, according to the company.

Software and Technology Precision Patterning from Johnson Window Films Booth #380

Johnson Window Films has introduced FitPro, precision patterning software to help eliminate the dangers of hand cutting, reduce installation times and improve work efficiency. The software includes instant access to new patterns and updates, custom file manipulation and saving and technical support. Patterns are pre-nested for efficiency. Manual nesting is also available. The platform supports multiple plotters.

Success by Software Booth #377

TintPro has released a new all-in-one customer relationship management software. The software helps boost revenue with the Customer Contact module featuring digital outbound marketing and inbound communication tools that will drive leads to a business. TintPro’s fully developed Business Manager will analyze and track all things financial to help users grow their businesses and increase profits, per the company.


Glass-Chek Elite by EDTM Booth #368

EDTM is highlighting the latest improvements to its Glass-Chek Elite product. This instrument is critical to the window film industry, ensuring that installers never apply window film to the low-E coated side of a lite of glass.

The Glass-Chek Elite can measure glass and spacer thickness of a window and identify the low-E coated surface of a window. It can also identify the type of low-E coating in the window, indicating if the coating is a hard coat (pyrolytic) or soft coat (sputtered). If it is a soft coat low-E, the meter will also tell you the number of silver layers used to make up the coating, giving you a great indication of the type of coating and performance expected from the window.

According to EDTM, knowing the type of low-E coating used in the window allows window film technicians to help temper expectations for what their window film will do for the customer.

TRÜ Spray Systems Booth #236

TRÜ Spray Systems offers an airless electronic spray system. The product was designed and is produced by Bruce Slavich, a 36-year veteran window tinter, who says, “You can now focus on the task and not the pressure with this time-saving installation tool. These systems can be used for window tinting, PPF, graphics and detailing.”

Teels Plastics’ Products Booth #369

Teel Plastics offers tight-tolerance plastic cores for processing automotive, flat glass and PPF. Teel’s capabilities include custom resin extrusion, co-extrusion, custom colors, clean room packaging and core taping to meet film winding requirements.

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