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by Matthew Darienzo
January 17th, 2024

Talent vs. Work Ethic

January 17th, 2024 by Matthew Darienzo

People like to debate which is more important: to be born with talent or have a great work ethic. The easy answer is to have both, but we all can’t be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. In sports it’s pretty easy to differentiate the players with gifted talent and those who work hard and put in the extra practice time. The difference in sports is more defined, the outcome finite, and you will be successful if you put the ball in this basket or get the ball in this endzone. There is a score and a championship.

Business is more like an infinite game with no finite ending, says motivational speaker Simon Sinek, so it becomes more complicated to score. What does it mean to really “win” in business? It can mean so many things to different people. We are all born with some level of talent related to business just like in sports. This could include many areas like technical skills, book smarts, financial acumen, emotional intelligence, etc.

There are patterns to look for when analyzing successful people and there is no doubt that work ethic is a common theme among the most successful. The great part is you don’t need talent to have a great work ethic and it can be developed over time. Although we can build upon our natural talents, we are all somewhat limited by those traits. Hard work can only develop into success if we focus on the right things.

This is why talent and work ethic are both important. It is the balance of these two things that determine what we can achieve based on our goals and objectives. Our goals have to be realistic, and we have to have self-awareness of what is achievable as well. This doesn’t mean not to dream big. Once we determine our strengths and lean into those, we are capable of even more than we think.

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