Update in 3M vs. Mr. Tint Case Due Today

February 14th, 2024 by Casey Flores

An ongoing court case between 3M and a South Carolina-based tint shop, Mr. Tint, is due for an update today.

The case, filed by Mr. Tint against the 3M Company, alleges 3M defamed Mr. Tint, costing the company business after 3M told a school that their results revealed security film used for an installation at its district was not a 3M product.

Mr. Tint alleges it bought the film from Baltimore-based 3M distributor EPD and that a sales rep from EPD encouraged him to subcontract the installation to the rep’s spouse’s company, which is also based in South Carolina.

Mr. Tint says it declined to subcontract the work, causing 3M and EPD to conspire against the company.

While 3M’s response to the claim is due in court today, it will likely take the court system a few days to update the public court documents. WINDOW FILM magazine will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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