What it Takes to be a Dealer of the Year

February 28th, 2024 by Casey Flores

Chris and Kelly Eder are at the top of their window tint game.

Kelly and Chris Eder’s company Epic Solar Control was named 3M’s National Dealer of the Year for a single market after more than quintupling their 2022 sales.

Their McKinney, Texas-based business, Epic Solar Control, has been in operation for six years and was just named 3M’s National Dealer of the Year for a single market. How did they do it?

“Our forte is safety film,” says Chris, the company’s chief operating officer. He was one of the founders of Glass Lock, which he says was the first mechanical attachment for safety film. He left that business in 2005, choosing to go into motorcycle design for 15 years before returning to window film after noticing his son’s school had security film installed improperly.

He went to work selling school security film installations—a tactic that worked well for them in the years leading up to last, which was a record-breaker for them. In 2022, Epic Solar Control did $3 million in sales. In 2023, the year they were recognized as 3M Dealer of the Year for a single market, that number ballooned thanks to $400 million in funds made available from the state of Texas following the deadly school shooting in the town of Uvalde. The Epic Solar Control team, already familiar with the request for proposal process, jumped on the opportunity and scored a full $20 million in sales, almost 5% of the allotted state grants for security film.

Chris says his market share isn’t because they have the best price.

“We’re probably the most expensive installation company in the business,” he says, stressing he wins contracts not with price, but education. “We educate the customer, explaining to them the process and how it works. The customers are just told they need safety film without knowing what it means. So, when you go in and have these conversations, when someone’s been there before us, it’s usually an eye-opening conversation because they’ve been led down the wrong path … a lot of window tint guys are trying to sell ‘bullet-resistant’ film when it’s really ‘delayed entry.’”

While $400 million state funds offers Texas installers a strong selling point, Chris encourages installers in other states to go after that business as well.

“This is just the start of an industry that’s not going away. We don’t subcontract and as of right now we have 52 installers and need another 52,” he explains. “We’re building more schools every day and they can’t afford bullet-resistant glass in every school. I don’t see it slowing down for 10 years.”

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  1. Great read! I’m in Nashville Tn. I’m co-owner of a smart security alarm company

    We’re taking baby steps to get involved in the bullet resistant window tint industry

    I would love to learn from you

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