Mr. Tint Asks Court to Dismiss 3M Countersuit

March 13th, 2024 by Casey Flores

Mr. Tint’s lawyers have responded to 3M’s countersuit.

The South Carolina-based tinting company, which sued 3M for business losses and alleged defamation after accusing 3M of saying 3M film was not used on a school security film installation after the film had been specified. 3M has countersued saying that they tested the film and found it was not their product.

In the new filing, Mr. Tint denied installing a product different from the one the school district had requested and paid for, which was 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Film Ultra S800 Series.

Mr. Tint denied 3M had fulfilled all of its obligations to him  as a customer and that he’s liable for repairing or replacing all the work that the company performed as a 3M authorized dealer that did not meet 3M’s requirements.

His  lawyers argued 3M’s countersuit “failed to state facts sufficient to constitute any causes of action” against Mr. Tint and asked the court to dismiss it. They denied that Mr. Tint falsely advertised and that 3M suffered injury as a result.

Both lawsuits are in progress. WINDOW FILM magazine will continue following this story and provide updates as they are made available.


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  1. This article is extremely vague. Which Mr. Tint are you referring to? There are many nationwide.

  2. Based on the 1st line of the 2nd paragraph it would be the South Carolina based tinting company Mr. Tint.

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