Changing Tides by Kristy Yelle
by Kristy Yelle
March 20th, 2024

The Benefits of Attending WFCT

The time has finally come: registration is now open for another International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT)! I truly hope that this year has started off great for your business and that you are trending in line with the goals you had outlined at the start of this year. But I hope even more that you will be able to plan accordingly and take a break to attend our industry-specific conference in Orlando, Florida, this year.

But why attend the conference? You may be asking what value there is for you or your business to attend. You may be questioning whether it’s worth it to alter your schedule, or even shut down your business to attend. Or maybe your budget is tight, expenses are high and you are unsure if this is where you should direct your funds. Well let me tell you, the list below will help answer your questions and prove that WFCT is totally worth it.

1. Networking Opportunities: The opportunities are endless in this area. From industry peers, potential customers, suppliers and more, there are so many people to meet and relationships to develop. Plus, this could lead to future collaborations or partnerships. I know firsthand that it has for our business.

2. Exposure and Brand Visibility: This event provides a concentrated audience of industry professionals and potential clients. By attending, you can help increase your brand’s visibility and make your business known to a wider audience. So come rep your brand from head-to-toe.

3. Market Research: This is the perfect place to gather market intelligence. You have the opportunity to learn about industry trends, competitor strategies and customer preferences by engaging with other exhibitors and attendees.

4. Education: There are days of educational seminars filled with some of the industry’s finest keynote speakers and seminars. Plus, there are those from outside of our industry that will offer unique perspectives on business growth, streamlining and more.

5. Hands-On Learning Opportunities: This is our industry-specific event that is tailored to us. Beyond the valuable seminars, there will also be workshops and training events that allow you to participate in the action over all three days.

6. Competitive Advantage: By attending the WFCT while your competitors do not, you can gain a competitive advantage. It truly shows your commitment to the industry and can position your business as a leader.

7. Industry Trends and Innovation: This event is the hub for innovation and the latest in industry trends. You will be updated on the latest developments, introduced to the newest advancements, and walk away with some amazing insight. Plus, there’s lots of free swag, too.

I hope that I have provided you with enough information to make an informed decision to attend our industry’s largest event of the year. I fully understand there are costs and logistical challenges to consider, as we are facing those same challenges personally. But I also know how beneficial these conferences have been in the past to further our business, make new friendships, and ultimately place us in an area that is above our local competition. I trust that if you make the trip, it’ll be worth it for you in the same capacity. See you in Florida!

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