Where’d the Sun Go? Tint Shops Prep for the Eclipse

April 8th, 2024 by Abby Bowman

Large parts of Mexico and the United States were covered by a solar eclipse. What does that mean for tint shops within the prime viewing areas of the eclipse?

According to a map on Astronomy.com, the U.S. path of the total solar eclipse cuts an arc from Texas through the heart of Indiana and across Lakes Erie and Ontario into northern New England. Astronomy.com lists Sulphur Springs, Texas, Lima, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania, as three cities on the path for the best view of the eclipse.

Josh Watkins owns and operates Sun Stoppers Window Tinting in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He had one appointment this morning and is closing his shop for the rest of the day, but not because of the eclipse. The shop is actually moving locations.

“I’ll probably pause to see the eclipse, but then back to business we go,” Watkins says.

He explains that he mostly works “sun up to sun down” anyway. Though many people have reported terrible traffic throughout the path of the total eclipse, Watkins says he’s been out and about since around 6 a.m. and hasn’t noticed much of a difference in traffic. He doesn’t anticipate it being an issue during his move.

Aydan Fisher is the owner and sole operator of Dynamic Tint & Detailing in Lima, Ohio. For him, it’s just another day on the job.

“I have four cars at my shop today – it’s a fun day,” he says laughing.

He does plan on pausing to enjoy the eclipse when it happens. He says it’s convenient since he mostly works outside. Fisher reports traffic hasn’t been as bad as he expected near Lima.

Ethan White, owner of Erie Window Tint, elected to close his shop for the day so he and the three employees of the Erie, Pennsylvania, shop didn’t have to worry about adding to traffic and could enjoy the phenomena.

Are you and your team watching the eclipse today? Email cflores@glass.com a photo and it just might end up in Window Film magazine.

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  1. I own Extasy Tinting & Accessories, in El Paso TX. I closed shop and drove to east TX with my family to see the eclipse. It was overcast but still very cool experience.

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