Where are the Window Tint Franchises You Compete Against? We Mapped it Out

May 15th, 2024 by Casey Flores

Window Film magazine has been highlighting the industry’s expansion in production and distribution capacity both domestically and globally, including some major projects completed in the last year. That new film supply has to end up somewhere—and a lot of it is going to new franchise locations for tinting. Our research department mapped the locations out for us, revealing five takeaways that emerge from the visual data.

In the above interactive map, you can click on the colors to see all or none of the franchises’ locations.

Here are five takeaways:

  • Tint World Dominates

It’s no surprise that the franchise that’s been in business the longest also has the most comprehensive geographical reach. Tint World (in black) was founded by Charles Bonfiglio in 1982 and started franchising in 2007. With more than 100 locations, including the just-announced Tulsa, Oklahoma, outpost, and a new partnership with XPEL, this franchise only continues to gain strength.

  • Other Franchises Are Gaining Ground Fast

With 102 locations opening since 2022, CoolVu (in blue) is also gaining market share quickly. Black Optix Tint (in red) has grown by 178% in the last year, primarily on the east coast, and Turbo Tint, in orange, also has been growing quickly and has 38 locations under development according to a company representative. 

  • Atlanta is Hotly Contested

Atlanta is the only metro area with active franchises from every franchisor, barring Tint USA, which did not respond to WINDOW FILM magazine’s inquiries but has its locations listed on its website. Add these to legacy tinting brands like the Tint Guy, and other longtime businesses, and it makes for a competitive landscape. Almost every franchise, barring Black Optix Tint, also has a location in the Raleigh, North Carolina metro, which counts itself the second-fastest growing urban area of the past decade.

  • Regional Differences

The East Coast is a lot more saturated with franchises than the west coast. Almost all of the franchises are based there, except for Turbo Tint, which is headquartered in Oklahoma City. The West Coast has no shortage of tint shops and new franchise locations would be met with heavy competition.

  • Missing and Underserved Markets

While there are surely dozens of privately owned window film companies in Boston, Reno, Nevada, Cleveland, Ohio, no chains have popped up in these territories as of yet. Tampa and St. Petersburg is also missing a franchise of any sort, though the greater metro area has two and local competition there is already fierce.  Decent-sized metro areas also without franchises include Grand Rapids, Michigan, Buffalo, Albany and Rochester New York, Portland, Maine, Burlington, Vermont, Hartford, Connecticut, and Providence, Rhode Island.

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  1. I think these franchises are gonna ruin what was once a great business for couples and individuals that took the time and made the sacrifices to learn the trade. The manufacturers competing with their dealers is absolutely ridiculous too. I think its absolutely hilarious when these jackass franchise owners think they can not know a damn thing about the tint business and spend all their money opening a tint franchise and then go out of business lol. I hope they all

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