XPEL Partners With Tint World. Is An Acquisition Next?   

May 8th, 2024 by Casey Flores

In a partnership that may end up being about more than just supplying film, Tint World and XPEL have inked a deal that makes the San Antonio-based film brand the primary supplier to the national franchise chain.  

The move provides publicly traded XPEL with a major buyer on one end and everything “plus the kitchen sink,” on the other end, says Tint World CEO Charles Bonfiglio.  

That’s what it took to move the franchisor from a 15-year partnership with its former main supplier, Bonfiglio says. Previously, XPEL was the franchise’s secondary supplier. 

“It was a long, time-consuming and strict evaluation to see if we’re going to make a move,” Bonfiglio explains. “We’re at an inflection point in our brand, growing very well, and XPEL has made a good name for itself outside of and inside of the industry.” 

With more than 90 locations nationwide and new ones opening frequently, Bonfiglio says the Tint World brand is “at an inflection point in our brand, growing very well, and XPEL has made a good name for itself outside of and inside of the industry.” 

Acquisition In Waiting?  

Bonfiglio founded Tint World more than 42 years ago. XPEL, not shy about acquiring some of its major customers (including franchises), now becomes a potential exit strategy for Bonfiglio—though it doesn’t sound like he plans to slow down any time soon.   

“The potential or even the question of them investing in us or acquiring us was never brought up until after the deal was signed,” he says. “I got a call and they said—when you’re ready, we’d be happy to invest in or buy you—we love your brand and we want to grow with you. If there’s an opportunity, please let us know first.” 

For now, the partnership means supplying automotive and paint protection film as well as a potential for XPEL to open franchises in other countries.  

“There is a possibility that that will happen,” Bongfiglio says. “Right now, it’s so soon, I really tried to stay focused on the buyer-seller relationship. Nothing was committed.” 

In a company release, XPEL’s vice president of revenue Tony Rimas highlights the international aspect of the deal.  

“The partnership allows XPEL to bring our cutting-edge paint protection films and other products directly to Tint World’s knowledgeable and informed customer network,” Rimas says. “This is a great opportunity for XPEL to reach more potential customers and grow our business, as Tint World is an international one-stop shop for automotive aftermarket services and continues to rapidly expand its number of locations.” 

Bonfiglio is bullish on the partnership. 

 “I wanted a vendor to think of us not just as a supplier but a strategic partner that can leverage various parts of our brand,” he says. “They have a lot of sales teams that are willing to help us grow in other verticals: marine, commercial, etc.”  

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