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Do You Know Your Numbers?

Mar 13th, 2024

As they say on Shark Tank, always “know your numbers!” Financials in business can be complicated or boring but they are crucial to understanding how to make the right decisions. Without the right information on cash flow, profitability, margins and the financial health of the business, you’re flying blind. In times of inflation and high […]

Talent vs. Work Ethic

Jan 17th, 2024

People like to debate which is more important: to be born with talent or have a great work ethic. The easy answer is to have both, but we all can’t be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. In sports it’s pretty easy to differentiate the players with gifted talent and those who work hard and put […]

Shaking the Winter Blues

Dec 20th, 2023

In the early years of my auto tinting days, my wife would tell me I was always complaining. In the summertime, we were always so busy that I would complain I couldn’t get all the work done. In the winter, I would complain business was so slow that I wasn’t sure how we were going […]

Work in Reverse

Nov 22nd, 2023

One of the best tactics I’ve learned throughout the years is something I like to call “Work in Reverse.” It’s another way to think about goals, but thinking about things in reverse can help achieve goals that may seem out of reach. First, the concept requires an individual to dive into what action they would […]


Aug 30th, 2023

One of the advantages Solar Art has in buying many tint companies over the years is that we get to see different ways window tinting businesses are run. Among the most important factors in running a profitable window tinting company is pricing structure. It’s an area we often see neglected but can have a huge […]

Installers Wanted!

Jul 19th, 2023

If you read last month’s blog, you know I am passionate about people and culture. In the window film industry, one of the most critical positions—and the most difficult to fill—is that of the installer. Over the years, this has been an ongoing need for almost every company. Ultimately, whether your company is focused on […]