From the Daily Editor

One Year Come and Gone

Oct 18th, 2010

Just a little more than a year ago I took a big, brave step into a world I knew little about—the world of window film. I started out knowing very little about film and while still far from expert status, I can comfortably say I’ve come to know a thing or two about this product. […]

The Digital Age

Jun 30th, 2010

Here at WINDOW FILM magazine our goal is to continually bring you the latest news and innovations that help you stay up-to-date on the ever-changing industry, and that includes expanding our presence on the World Wide Web. With people spending less time reading books and more time on their computers, we’ve found a few ways […]

Deserving Recognition

Apr 29th, 2010

How many of you know someone in the window film industry who is out there doing all kinds of great work, tackling tremendous responsibilities and taking on more duties than they’re credited? These are the folks who work countless hours and unselfishly give all that they have to ensure not just a job well done, […]

In the Know

Feb 18th, 2010

“What’s new?” It’s a phrase that, at one point in time, we would often say to friends, colleagues and others we know, but with whom we have perhaps lost touch. Today, however, in this age of devices such as i-Phone and Blackberries and social media websites such as Face Book, Linked in and Twitter, falling […]

First Steps

Dec 17th, 2009

Whenever we begin a new project, assignment, chore or job it sometimes feels as though the first step toward completing the work is the first step of finishing a task that seems to have no end in site. You know how it goes; sometimes projects are so big you simply say to yourself, “I just […]

Window Film 101

Oct 8th, 2009

Starting a new job is a lot like starting a new school. You’re probably a little bit nervous, you don’t really know anyone and you’re not sure what to expect or where the day will take you. That’s kind of how I feel these days, as I’m, more or less, the new kid in class […]

The Industry Unicorn

Jun 11th, 2009

Call me hopeful, but I’m guessing that by now many of you have noticed that my blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time. There’s only one explanation for this–some of us are having a tough time adapting to the web from print. By now, there is one thing that’s easy to predict about the […]

Heat Destroys Cohesion

Feb 17th, 2009

Receiving reader response is a gratifying feeling for those of us who work in the publications industry. Feedback lets us know that, aside from simply receiving the magazine, someone is paying attention. It provides an echo that assures us that our words and efforts aren’t dropping into a deep, bottomless pit, otherwise known as the […]