Poll Archive

How has slow season been for your shop?

It’s business per usual.
52 votes - 58%

It’s been my mildest yet.
10 votes - 11%

How has slow season been for your shop?

0 votes - 0%

It’s business per usual.
0 votes - 100%

How will your company's holiday parties and gatherings change this year? Will your business have holiday hours?

We will have a small socially distanced holiday party this year.
2 votes - 67%

We are not having a holiday party this year.
0 votes - 0%

Who do you plan to vote/have you voted for in the Presidential election?

Donald Trump/Mike Pence
21 votes - 68%

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris
10 votes - 32%

Companies large and small will be able to take advantage of the tax-reform bill by purchasing new equipment. Will your company?

26 votes - 60%

8 votes - 19%