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Female Film Stars Find Voice for 2022

Dec 8th, 2021

The women of the window film industry will kick off 2022 with a different form of customized artistry. Prominent female film stars will ring in the new year by launching a calendar titled the Women of Automotive Film. Ten women comprise the calendar’s pages. “I want to bring light to [the fact] that there are […]

This Film Company is Under Review—1,000 of Them, in Fact

May 5th, 2021

David Rosenberg’s company, Artistic Window Tinting, has held a “five star” rating from Google for quite a while. And on April 27, the company, which started from Rosenberg’s garage in Yuba City, Calif., in 2004, added another one. That five-star Google rating is now backed by more than 1,000 reviews. The shop, a first-come-first-serve facility […]