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Petition Calls for Bird-Friendly Film on Windows of Northwestern University Library

Dec 14th, 2022

Northwestern’s Associated Student Government’s (ASG) Sustainability Committee has urged the university to apply patterned plastic film on windows at Mudd Science and Engineering Library, the site of more than 14% of annual bird deaths and injuries on campus, according to data from Chicago Bird Collision Monitors. The committee is currently writing ASG Senate legislation to […]

Bird Call: Dominique Waddoup’s Mission is to Save Them

Aug 31st, 2022

As many as one billion birds die each year from building collisions. So says the National Audubon Society, an American non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conserving birds and their habitats. The organization says collision-based fatalities account for 2 to 9% percent of all birds in North America in any given year, making “building strikes second […]

Save Two Birds with One Film

Sep 3rd, 2014

A growing number of consumers are purchasing specialty window film not only for its energy-saving qualities, but also its bird-saving capacity. At Atlantic Cape Community College (ACCC), bird collisions were occurring almost daily, campus administrator Lisa Apel-Gendron told “It was disturbing to students and faculty. While researching solutions, we realized we could also address […]