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Why Should I Care?

Mar 16th, 2022

It seems like an odd question, but it is crucial with marketing. Before customers gain interest in what you are trying to promote or sell, they first need to see why it is necessary or meaningful. You should ask yourself the following when creating content or a piece of marketing: “Why would the potential customer […]

Unfazed: Film Shops Thrive Through the Slow Season

Dec 15th, 2021

The film industry finds itself in the thick of slow season, a period packed with cooler temperatures, varying demand and overall financial uncertainty. Which strategies and services are shops leaning on this fall? WINDOW FILM magazine caught up with owners in Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, New Mexico and Colorado for a countrywide check-in. “We have to […]

The Difficult Customer—Can You Please Them All?

Jul 21st, 2021

Film shop employees aren’t strangers to difficult customers. From complaints about dust particles and bubbles to erroneous, one-star reviews to unwarranted refund requests submitted by customers who expect nothing less than perfection—tint shop owners have experienced it all. But are the headache-inducing sales worth the trouble? ‘I Hate To Be That Guy’ “If there’s an […]

Please Don’t Do This to Your Customers

Jul 1st, 2020

Yes, I am writing this article as the editorial director of Window Film magazine, but really I am writing it as a consumer—and to urge you to please not do what certain contracting companies are currently doing to me. I wrote an article recently about how many of you are really busy and can’t keep […]

Diversify and Deliver

Apr 24th, 2019

When naming my business back in 1998, I wanted to make it immediately clear what we offered. That’s why I went with The Window Film Company. I felt, and still believe that as a name, it’s easy to remember, to the point and authoritative. Of course, after over 20 years in existence, the name doesn’t […]

Security Cameras – A Benefit for Shop Owners

Jul 25th, 2018

It’s not uncommon for some customers to become hesitant at the thought of leaving their car at a shop overnight. But there’s something that more and more shop owners have to help them keep an eye on things … security cameras. “I’ve had security cameras at my business for five years now, and my new […]