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White House Aims to Shift Cybersecurity Burden From Individuals and Small Businesses to Tech Providers

Mar 8th, 2023

The White House released its long-awaited National Cyber Strategy on Thursday, providing a road map for how the Biden administration aims to defend the U.S. from a rapidly growing number of online threats. Click here to read more.

If You Use Google’s Chrome Browser, You Will Want to Make This Software Update

May 4th, 2022

Google wants you to update your Chrome browser to deploy a new wave of software fixes to patch some security flaws. Click here to read more.

Why Understanding Cybersecurity is no Longer Optional for Businesses

Aug 25th, 2021

Recently the White House issued an open letter calling on businesses to improve their cyber defenses in response to ransomware — and not a moment too soon. Click here to read more.