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Up To $500 Federal Tax Credit Available For Residential Window Film

Mar 17th, 2021

Your residential customers may be eligible for a maximum Federal tax credit, of up to $500 total, for qualified energy improvements designed to reduce heat loss or gain of their primary home. Window film products qualify for this tax credit as an insulation material or system that is specifically and primarily designed to reduce heat […]

Window Film Association Debuts Industry’s First Virtual Accreditation Testing

Jan 20th, 2021

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is debuting, what is says is, the industry’s first online professional accreditation testing for four key areas of comprehension and knowledge. The IWFA is partnering with Everblue Training, an education company with over 500 corporate, government and association clients and nearly 100,000 tests administered. Its comprehensive platform provides online […]

How Were the U.S. Capitol Windows Breached?

Jan 13th, 2021

The incident at the U.S. Capitol last week amid the Electoral College certification process devolved into chaos as rioters breached the building, in part, by breaking through the Capitol’s windows. Window Film magazine’s sister publication, USGNN™, spoke with several experts to find out how window film was used and if the glass performed as it […]

Selling the Benefits: How to Convince Your Customers to Install Window Film Before Winter

Oct 28th, 2020

Many window film shops across the country are still busy catching up on all of the work they couldn’t perform when the nation was shut down in the spring due to COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean the industry won’t experience its typical winter slowdown. So now is the time to prepare and start marketing to […]

Is Window Film California’s Answer?

Sep 16th, 2020

California authorities recently issued the first rolling blackouts in 20 years which turned off power to more than 400,000 homes in order to cope with the peak energy demand. Can installing window film on older and less energy-efficient windows ease the state’s peak energy demand? The answer is yes. According to a research study commissioned […]

Feature Safety and Security Window Films During Safe and Sound Week

Aug 5th, 2020

It might seem as if it’s just the beginning of August, but according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) it’s also Safe and Sound Week, a week designed to increase safety awareness. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is recognizing OSHA’s Safe and Sound Week by encouraging consumers to proactively identify and manage […]

Window Film Businesses Take On UV Safety Awareness Month

Jul 8th, 2020

Summer is in full swing and while the sunshine continues to be a reminder of fun, it’s important to remember that July is UV Safety Awareness Month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even draws awareness to the importance of staying protected from excess exposure to the sun, which can have damaging effects. […]

Window Film Businesses Share if They’ll Be Open Ahead of the Holiday and More

Jul 1st, 2020

The holidays might have a new look since many states are still working to minimize the amount of COVID-19 outbreaks while stay-at-home orders are being lifted. Window Film magazine reached out to a number of industry businesses to see how Independence Day will be observed and if customers should look for upcoming promotions. While many […]

Rock n’ Roll Marketing Support Launched to Help the Industry

Jun 24th, 2020

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is launching operation Rock n’ Roll, a program that will offer free access to marketing materials that may help window film dealers and installers’ sales and operations as they recover from any business slowdowns or closures related to COVID-19. “Early in the COVID-19 health emergency, the IWFA provided concise […]

Medical Professionals Suggest Car Window Film Tint For UV Protection

May 27th, 2020

With a growing body of medical professionals recommending window film tint to protect automotive vehicle occupants from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the International Window Film Association (IWFA) has produced a guideline for inspecting professionally installed automotive window film tint. The guideline, which is available for free, is designed to assist both consumers and industry professionals […]