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It’s Just Noise

Jan 4th, 2023

Small business owners face many challenges that slow down their business’s growth. One hidden challenge—distractions—can cause significant disruption in a small business. These distractions are relatively new to leaders, who must find new ways to keep team members focused on common goals. The Distraction Distractions, also known as noise, aren’t the audible noise from a […]

Key US Growth Measures Diverge, Complicating Recession Debate

Sep 7th, 2022

The government’s main measures of US growth pointed in different directions in the first half of 2022, adding to the ongoing debate on the health of the economy. Click here to read more.

Three Things Our Industry Should Give Thanks For

Nov 21st, 2018

As I write this post before Thanksgiving I thought I’d mention three things our industry should give thanks for. However, before I list those things, let me first thank all of you for taking the time to read my articles and send me so many encouraging words. So let’s dive into what we all have […]