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This Film Company is Under Review—1,000 of Them, in Fact

May 5th, 2021

David Rosenberg’s company, Artistic Window Tinting, has held a “five star” rating from Google for quite a while. And on April 27, the company, which started from Rosenberg’s garage in Yuba City, Calif., in 2004, added another one. That five-star Google rating is now backed by more than 1,000 reviews. The shop, a first-come-first-serve facility […]

A Good Marketing Strategy for 2021 Starts With Google

Jan 20th, 2021

Well the holidays are over and it’s time to focus on 2021 and what you hope to accomplish this year. With some luck, the pandemic’s impact on the economy will lessen as we navigate through this year and things will be looking much more normal as the months go by. Despite the pandemic, many in […]