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Some Motorists Left Frustrated, Ticketed After LHSC Safety Checkpoint in Lafayette Parish

May 31st, 2023

When it comes to illegal tint, it’s not usually considered a super serious crime, but it’s still breaking the law. The seriousness of the offense can depend on where you are and the specific rules they have about window tinting. Different places have different limits on how dark your tint can be. Click here to […]

Legislative Roundup: Enforcement Operations and New Bills

Mar 8th, 2023

I started 2023 by reporting on a December 28, 2022, illegal window tint enforcement operation in California. Just a few weeks later, The International Window Film Association (IWFA) sent out an alert to its members concerning Connecticut Senate Bill 586, which, if passed, would prohibit the installation of “any transparent material on the front windshield […]

Rapides Traffic Stop Shooting Shines Light on Window Tint Enforcement

Jan 4th, 2023

James Kittling remembers Nov. 6 starting like many other Sundays during football season. He was going to watch the Saints game with his brother, Derrick. Click here to read more.

Traffic Stop for Window Tint Violation Leads to Arrest After OPD Officer Finds Multiple Drugs

Aug 3rd, 2022

A traffic stop for a window tint violation led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Ocala man after multiple bags filled with drugs were found during a pat-down search. Click here to read more.

Traffic Stop For ‘Extremely Dark Window Tint’ Leads to Chase, Drugs, Debit Cards

Jul 27th, 2022

This one started with an attempted traffic stop. The reason was an “extremely dark window tint” and the undercover agent was driving an unmarked vehicle. Click here to read more.

Window Tint ‘Harassment’ Prompts Jacksonville Couple to Take Out Restraining Order on Cop

Jul 13th, 2022

A sheriff’s officer was issued a no-contact order after a Jacksonville couple complained he’d been “harassing” and “stalking” them. The couple sought the injunction in September after the officer repeatedly ticketed them for illegal tint. Click here to read more.

Yes, North Carolina has Limits on Window Tints for Your Car

Jun 29th, 2022

As warmer weather settles in the Carolinas, many people are looking for ways to stay cool. Tinted windows on your car can help cut down on the heat. But what’s allowed in North Carolina? Click here to read more.

Police Step up Window Tint, Hands-Free Enforcement

Jun 22nd, 2022

Crawfordsville Police have noticed an increase in the number of vehicles with the entire windshield tinted and are making a concentrated effort to enforce Indiana’s window tint law. The law states windows must allow more than 30% of light in. Click here to read more.

Officer Gave Five Tickets for Car’s Tinted Windows

Jun 15th, 2022

A Miami Beach Police officer gave him seven tickets, five of them for each car window that was tinted. Legal or illegal? That’s why this young man turned to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser. Click here to read more.

Police in Truro Crack Down on Traffic Offenses, Including Bad Tires and Tinted Windows

Jun 15th, 2022

Numerous drivers were caught breaking the law on Truro’s roads as police are cracking down on traffic offenses. In a week of action on the cities roads, the policing team have been targeting the fatal five. Click here to read more.