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N.S. RCMP Note Increase in Illegal Window Tint, License Plate Covers

Jun 8th, 2022

RCMP in Nova Scotia are noticing a high number of vehicles with illegally tinted windows or store-bought license plate covers. They say most drivers aren’t aware the modifications are illegal in the province. Click here to read more.

‘Expect to Get Stopped’: Local Police Issue Reminder Regarding Window Tint

May 4th, 2022

With the days getting longer and temperatures rising (hopefully), one police department is reminding motorists of how tinted a vehicle’s windows can be. The Green Bay Police Department posted on their Facebook page that moderation is important when it comes to tinting windows. Click here to read more.

Car Window Tint Can Now be Darker After Utah Lawmakers Approve Bill

Mar 9th, 2022

Utah lawmakers passed a bill last week changing how dark the windows of your car can be. These are known as car window tint limits. Senate Bill 149 will change the legal limit a car’s windows can be tinted, but only on the two front. Click here to read more.

Cocaine, Pills, and Marijuana Seized From Vehicle That Was Pulled Over For Illegal Tints, Sheriff Says

Mar 2nd, 2022

A man who was pulled over for illegally tinted windows is now facing drug charges after pills and cocaine were found in his vehicle, the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday. Click here to read more.

‘They Dragged me to Their Vehicle Like a Dog’: Disabled Driver Shares Account of Dayton Police Altercation

Oct 13th, 2021

A Dayton man with a disability seen dragged from his car by police said he’s preparing to sue the department, and the local NAACP is backing him up. . . . On Sept. 30, Owensby, who is paraplegic, was driving himself and his young child to a property he owned. He was pulled over, and […]

‘Dangerous’ – Stratford Road Driver’s Tinted Windows Ripped off by Cops

Sep 29th, 2021

A driver is facing points on his license after their heavily tinted front windows left them with barely any light coming through. Gobsmacked cops pulled the vehicle over on Stratford Road, in Sparkhill, when the windows caught their eye. After examining the car, the police found that windscreen and front windows only let in 10.5 […]

Kidnapping Victim Found During Stop for Illegal Tint

Dec 10th, 2014

While there’s much debate as to how states should regulate vehicle tint laws, it’s tough to argue with the results of a particular traffic stop in Twiggs County, Ga. Because of a traffic stop for illegal tint, a 13-year-old girl was rescued from her alleged kidnapper. According to the police report, Corporal Jeremy Johnson of […]