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CoolVu Franchise Reaches 55 Territories

Mar 29th, 2023

The FutureVu Brands subsidiary CoolVu launched a new franchise opportunity to promote glass and surface solutions in January 2022. Since then, the company has hosted seven training classes at its headquarters in Marietta, Ga., and opened 55 territories across the United States. The company recently awarded several more territories. CoolVu of Dallas Central, CoolVu of […]

State Tightens Regulations for Tinted Windshields

May 11th, 2022

New Hampshire will soon have tighter regulations for vehicle windshield tinting after the enactment of a law signed by Gov. Chris Sununu last week. House Bill 1110 raises the required transparency levels for after-market windshield tinting from 35 percent minimum light transmittance to 70 percent, meaning that the windshields must allow twice as much light […]

Greatest Hits: 2021’s Top Stories

Dec 29th, 2021

2022 is only three days away, prompting reflection on a year in its final lap.’s greatest hits from 2021 reverberate with variety. Legislative developments, female empowerment, company transactions and philanthropy comprise the industry’s hottest topics. Top Five Stories of 2021 1. New Window Tint Legislation for this Year’s Session—Published on 1/27/21 This year’s most-read […]

New Hampshire Amends Window Tint Bill

Jul 7th, 2021

The New Hampshire legislature has amended House Bill (HB) 224— “AN ACT relative to tinted windows on motor vehicles, relative to civil liability for damage to highways, and relative to employer access to motor vehicle records.” The bill was first introduced on Jan. 6, 2021. The amended, June 24, 2021 version of the bill allows […]

Legislative Roundup: New Hampshire Debates Side Window Tinting

Apr 28th, 2021

Several bills that would affect the window film industry has been introduced in state legislatures across the country in the early part of 2021. The following is a sample of those that Window Film magazine is keeping an eye on. The New Hampshire legislature is debating a proposal that would allow for aftermarket tinting of […]

New Hampshire House Passes Amended Version of New Bill

Jan 22nd, 2020

The New Hampshire House recently passed bill 317, also known as HB317. The new bill would remove the prohibition on aftermarket tinting on side windows as long as long as light transmittance is not less than 70%. This piece of legislation was first introduced in the New Hampshire House in January 2019 and has since […]

Association Dives Deeper Into Vehicle Tint Legislation

Oct 2nd, 2019

Vehicle tint laws impact businesses and vehicle owners across the country. This week the International Window Film Association (IWFA) held two webinars explaining the key things you should know about how different types of laws impact the industry. Darrell Smith, IWFA executive director, began the webinar by going over the current federal laws on window […]

New Bill Involves Vehicle Window Tint

Jan 9th, 2019

As the New Year begins so does legislation, as New Hampshire has a new bill, also referred to as HB317, which involves tints on vehicle windows. According to the New Hampshire’s State Legislature, the bill was introduced and filed in the House on January 2, 2019 and looks to change the language when referring to […]