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The Foundational Elements of Marketing

Oct 20th, 2021

I often get asked to help clients put together a basic marketing plan and create some structure around marketing strategy. As a result, I wanted to share this handy format that will help you as you plan your marketing. These are the four elements of the process…Who, How, What & Why. Who – Is Your […]

Stop Wasting Facebook and Instagram Ad Dollars!

Jun 17th, 2020

I have wanted to write this article for some time, as this has become one of the most common mistakes I see when my agency begins working with a new client. As a part of the initial consultation, we might ask if they have been doing paid advertising for Facebook or Instagram. Often, the answer […]

The Marketing Cycle

May 15th, 2018

We are often asked by clients what the most important part of a digital marketing campaign is. Is it social media? How about Google Adwords? What about website design and SEO? Online reviews?  It is at this time that I like to discuss the marketing cycle and explain why all of those things are important […]