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Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to In 2020

Jan 22nd, 2020

With 2020 in full swing and many discussions taking place on the best ways to market your services in the coming year, I thought this would be a great time to discuss some trends I see headed your way. This is not meant to say things that worked in 2019 will not continue to work […]

Is Facebook Marketing Old News?

Jul 17th, 2019

In my business, I often find myself having conversations with people regarding whether Facebook is still a valuable place to spend advertising dollars. Since some feel fewer people are using the platform, they question whether the impact is as good as it once was. I wanted to share some recent data gathered from the Pew […]

Are You LinkedIn?

Apr 17th, 2019

LinkedIn is nothing new, as the platform was founded in 2010, but it’s seeing a resurgence in relevance in 2019. I thought you should be aware of it if you are active in business-to-business sales. We’re seeing LinkedIn have more attention being paid to it and we wanted to offer four steps you need to […]