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Keeping Safe and Secure

Jul 29th, 2020

Greetings from the UK, where steps are being taken to try and return our daily way of life to some sort of normality very slowly. A big part of this is the re-opening of retail outlets throughout the country, with a steady stream of stores reopening their doors to the public. This has proved to […]

Tough Times Don’t Last – Prepared Businesses Do

Mar 18th, 2020

As we enter some uncharted territory in many ways, I thought it might be a great time to go over some basic things that can help your business last through the tough times. While this is not a comprehensive list, I think you will find that it will serve as a basis for putting together […]

Stay Flexible to Change to Keep Balanced

Jan 16th, 2019

Recently I’ve been teaching my two children how to ski. One of the things I’m constantly telling them is to stay relaxed and flexible while going downhill. When they’re stiff, it becomes easier to lose balance and fall. If they remain flexible, their bodies react to being thrown off balance and can typically recover. The […]