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A Head Full of Dreams

Aug 17th, 2022

What does music mean to you? From the home office to the conference room to an installation bay full of Porsches and Teslas, soundtracks help drive focus and energize equilibrium. It’s an area that Grammy-Award-winning guitar player Salvador Hurtado knows well. “I wanted to make a tool, but I wanted it to be free,” Hurtado […]

A Melodious Mix: Salvador Hurtado Announces “Tint Music”

Jul 6th, 2022

Salvador Hurtado is a Grammy-Award-winning guitar player and a 2017 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT) gold medalist. No big deal, right? His next act involves a five-track, 16-minute album built for blasting in tint bays worldwide. “I wanted to make a tool, but I wanted it to be free,” Hurtado says. “I wanted […]

Competition Corner: Salvador Hurtado

Jun 29th, 2022

An accomplished musician and tinter, Salvador Hurtado is one of the most exciting personalities in the industry. With a Grammy and a tint-off first place medal under his belt, what can’t he do? Big things are on the horizon for Hurtado, and competing demonstrates how he’s gotten to where he is today. WF: What inspired […]