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Work in Reverse

Nov 22nd, 2023

One of the best tactics I’ve learned throughout the years is something I like to call “Work in Reverse.” It’s another way to think about goals, but thinking about things in reverse can help achieve goals that may seem out of reach. First, the concept requires an individual to dive into what action they would […]

Delegate it! 

Oct 4th, 2023

Running a business is hard. As owners, we are usually going 24/7 either working on the business or at least thinking about it. Whether in the shower, driving or on a personal level—sometimes my wife is talking to me and I’m not paying attention to her because I’m thinking about the business. One of the […]

Solar Art Announces Acquisition of Window Film Company Layr

Aug 9th, 2023

Solar Art announced its second New York acquisition this year. Layr was founded six years ago by Will Pulman and has become one of the fastest growing film companies in the New York market as well as nationwide, per the release. Layr’s customer base includes mainly commercial clients including schools, office buildings, and high-end retailers. […]

Solar Art Acquires Five Star Window Coatings

Aug 2nd, 2023

Solar Art announced the acquisition of Five Star Window Coatings. Five Star has a long history in the Midwest and was originally founded in 1989. This acquisition is Solar Art’s first in the Midwest and expands its reach into new territories. Five Star began selling architectural solar films and has since expanded into security film […]

Installers Wanted!

Jul 19th, 2023

If you read last month’s blog, you know I am passionate about people and culture. In the window film industry, one of the most critical positions—and the most difficult to fill—is that of the installer. Over the years, this has been an ongoing need for almost every company. Ultimately, whether your company is focused on […]

The People and the Thing

Jun 28th, 2023

Welcome to Solar Art CEO Matthew Darienzo’s first blog! We hope you enjoy his insightful content! – Chris Collier, editor of WINDOW FILM magazine. Sometimes we get so busy running our business that we forget some of the very basic foundational goals of what we are doing. But I always come back to “The People […]

Solar Art Acquires American Window Film

Jun 7th, 2023

Solar Art announced its third acquisition of the year with American Window Film (AWF). This partnership expands Solar Art’s East Coast operations and further enhances its capabilities to execute projects on both coasts, per the release. AWF specializes in 3M commercial window film. Solar Art will add 16 employees from AWF bringing their total to […]

Solar Art Acquires New York Window Film

May 24th, 2023

Window film and graphics installation company Solar Art announced its acquisition of New York Window Film, a company specializing in commercial and decorative window film primarily in the Manhattan metro area. This acquisition solidifies Solar Art’s operations on the East Coast and expands its capabilities on both coasts, according to the company. Solar Art has […]

Solar Art Announces 12th Acquisition

May 10th, 2023

Solar Art announced its acquisition of Nashville, Tenn., window film company Solar Insulation. The partnership with Solar Art will allow the local team to offer an expanded set of product offerings to commercial and residential window tinting customers, per the release. This is Solar Art’s 12th acquisition and expands its reach east to Nashville. Solar […]

Solar Art Employee Spotlight: Meet Jill Boultinghouse

Oct 12th, 2022

As companies grow, culture becomes even more critical. Solar Art’s focus on people since the beginning is not only the right thing to do for its employees, but it’s good business. Click here to read more.