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Nearly Half of U.S. Homeowners Say ‘Yes’ to Window Film for Energy Savings

Apr 6th, 2022

A new survey, asking U.S. homeowners who don’t have window film installed if they are likely to have it professionally installed to improve the energy-saving performance of their existing windows, saw 46% of respondents say yes. The Harris Poll conducted the survey on behalf of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) in March 2022. “The […]

Research Report: Trends in Window Film and PPF

Aug 11th, 2021

Window film companies know that business is booming—because many shops are as busier as ever. The data bears that out as well, even though research shows that consumer sentiment still has some recovering to do. Nick St. Denis, director of research at Key Media & Research (WINDOW FILM magazine’s parent company), discussed demand and trends […]