Making Film with Maxpro

Mar 27th, 2024

WINDOW FILM magazine went to Whiteville, North Carolina to visit Maxpro’s manufacturing facility. We toured the country’s newest window film plant, learned about the production and distribution process and sat down with president and CEO Joe Cobbe to discuss the company, manufacturing and the window film industry at large.

Window Film Magazine Visits Madico’s Plant in Florida

Feb 14th, 2024

Window Film magazine’s team traveled to Pinellas Park, Florida, for a tour of Madico’s coating and laminating lines and to find out what makes the company tick.

SEMA Week: Tint, Tech and Show Deals

Nov 2nd, 2023

Window film and PPF companies show off their flashy booths, new offerings and SEMA week specials as they compete for the ever-coveted crowds of buyers. See what Maxpro, ClearPro, Ivios and Eastman are displaying to draw prospects in.

SEMA Day One: What Suppliers are Showing Off

Nov 1st, 2023

Day one of SEMA has kicked off in Las Vegas with new film technologies flooding the show floor. Here’s the latest from some of the industry’s most notable companies.

WFCT 2023: What You Missed

Sep 27th, 2023

Did you miss WFCT? Here’s the next best thing. Watch a tour of the show floor, see new company offerings and hear from this year’s Window Film Hall of Fame inductees.

WFCT Day One: Tangible Excitement on the Show Floor

Sep 20th, 2023

The 2023 International Window Film Conference & Tint-Off™ kicked off with record numbers and tangible excitement. Watch a tour of the exhibition floor.

A Visit to the World’s Best PPF Installer’s Shop

Aug 24th, 2023

Window Film magazine visited Tyler O’Hara’s American Wrap Company in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Hear what he had to say on running a successful company and the importance of the Tint-Offs™.

Window Film Magazine Visits Johnson Window Films

Aug 14th, 2023

Window Film magazine’s team traveled to Carson, Calif., for a tour of Johnson Window Film’s expansive facilities, home to a team that shares a family-like bond.

WFCT 2023 Shop Spotlights: Simple Details in Virginia Beach

Aug 7th, 2023

Yohance Fleming didn’t start as a film shop, but a few years into offering PPF and window film, the products have become his primary revenue streams. See how this majority-detailing business became a majority-tinting one and why he’s excited for WFCT 2023 to take place in Virginia Beach.

WFCT 2023 Shop Spotlights: Profiling Paradise

Jul 31st, 2023

Window Film magazine’s team traveled to Virginia Beach, Va., to spotlight Paradise Window Tinting ahead of the 2023 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (WFCT). Hear owner Justin Dungan’s take on the upcoming event.